Read my article, "New Wine in an Old Ethical Bottle" in the March/April 2016 issue of the American Bar Association's Law Practice magazine.  Here's the gist:

    Many lawyers embrace technology, albeit with questions about how to use or leverage it to their business advantage: What information may I put on my website? May I give my clients access to their files via a web portal?

     Others -- let’s not call them Luddites, please – give technology the cold shoulder: Typing on a keyboard is not something lawyers do. I do not need to learn how to use PACER. Assistant, please print out all of my emails. I will give up paper files only when they are pried from my cold, lifeless hands.

     But whether lawyers personally avail themselves to technology in the business of their law practices, one thing is now – if it wasn’t before -- patently clear: to be ethically competent in representing their clients, lawyers must at least understand, as the American Bar Association Commission on Ethics 20/20 put it, “basic features of relevant technology.”

Read the entire article here.